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The Science of Living Well
September 18, 2020
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The Renewal Diet

Foods that Renew

You know that apples and carrots are good for you, while candy bars and potato chips are not. But a whole cornucopia of foods falls somewhere between these two extremes. How do you know which promote health and which undermine it?

Some foods have abundant supplies of cell-damaging free radicals, while others are rich in protective antioxidants. Some foods contain known carcinogens, while others are brimming with cancer-fighting compounds. Some foods promote the hardening and clogging of arteries while others block that deadly process.

As an informed, nutrition-savvy consumer, you have the power to choose only those foods that enhance your body's natural healing powers and reinforce its resistance to disease.

The Renewal Diet is:
  • Low-Fat
    A high fat diet promotes degenerative disease and causes premature death.
  • Vegan
    This is the type of vegetarian diet which contains no foods derived from animal sources. Based on New Four Food Groups: grains, beans, fruit, and vegetables.
  • Phytonutrient Rich
    These are the "medicine" in food which support our healing systems, prevent disease and extend lifespan. They are found only in plant-derived foods.
  • Toxin-free
    Pesticides and additives shorten lifespan. Avoid processed and preserved foods, and purchase organic food products as much as possible
Outsmarting the Number One Killer
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